It’s that time again!

Only a few things have changed since the last post, but nonetheless, those changes did have quite the impact. Going to try out a different format this time. Sorry if it sucks in advance.

:: Due to me wanting to lessen my workload wherever possible, I’m no longer the sole admin of the group. Along with the addition of two new admins, we’ve been reworking the insides as much as possible to make our output of chapters more consistent and greater in quantity. We are still only in the beginning phase of these changes but overtime you should be able to notice them.

: As for the situation with my (Sir Champion’s) eyes, I’m doing much better compared to the previous post ^^. The pain is no longer constant – only when I focus for too long – and just a few days ago I finally received my glasses (after three weeks of waiting). I can’t get too much into detail  since they used words I don’t even know how to spell nor, do I remember at this point but to put it simple, the muscles in my eyes are extremely weak. At the very least it will take a few months to strengthen them again with daily training. Unfortunately, I’m limited to 40 – 50 pages per day until then. Most of our projects are monthlies (raws released on a monthly schedule – around 40 pages each) so I can only do one chapter daily. Although, there won’t be any releases today.

I also want to thank every single one of you for your wishes and kind words over the course of January. It really, really does mean a lot knowing that people were genuinely worried for my sake, rather than whether they’ll have chapters to read (yes, sadly, there was quite a bit of those people).

: With all the changes happening, we’ll need more staff!
I managed to get through 40 or so PMs on Discord, and I know I have at least another 90 to go. SO, if you messaged me any time last month and didn’t get a reply, can you please send me another message and I’ll reply to you as soon as possible. For those who used the application form on the site, you will receive a reply from me within the next few days. Be sure to keep an eye out for that!
I don’t intentionally ignore people. Just that… I get so many messages every day that if I was to reply to everyone then I wouldn’t have any time to work on chapters or do anything else for that matter. Apologies for that.

:: I did mention last time that we do have a new site planned. We received a few applications from coders to help and we can’t be more grateful to those people! I must type up the spec sheet again because I kinda lost the other one… Yeah… Anyway, If you are interested in helping with the new site, please be sure to message me as well!

: A few days ago, I completely removed the option for comments on the main website (here). Recently, I have been letting the negative words of readers get in my head far too much. To my regret, I had to approve of all comments (from new users) so either way I had to read them. The decision to remove it entirely came from that. I have all the public chats on our discord server completely muted as well. I’m more than willing to interact with people (those of you who I speak to do know that I’m rather talkative), so don’t hesitate to PM me if you have something to say ^^.

:: As we haven’t been releasing as much as we did in the past, apparently a few groups have seen this as an opportunity to start releasing chapters of our projects. I did speak with the guys who took over ‘Tanaka The Wizard’ beforehand, and don’t have a problem with that at all. Matter of fact, we encourage them to continue it and wish them the best of luck in doing so. However, some of you may have noticed that ‘Ragna Crimson’ was also started by another group. Due to the request of a hell of a lot of people, we will still be continuing the series so that people get the quality they deserve and asked for. We will be releasing it at a pace much faster than before. If you want to read the series and don’t particularly care about the quality of what you are reading, then go ahead and read the other groups releases of it. However, we do recommend that you wait for our version of the series. I promise you, you won’t regret it.

: In light of just how far our backlog reaches, a small group of us staff will be dedicating ourselves to getting all of our projects up-to-date. I couldn’t really think of a name for this project, so we’ll just go with “Project Catch-Up”. The first two series in this new project will be Lv999 No Murabito (1 chapter behind) and Assassin’s Pride (5 chapters behind). I’ll state this clearly now. You will still see releases of other series during this catch-up phase. Each week, we’ll let the voices of patrons decide which series we do for that week. It’s the least we could do for those who do support us financially.

: Jinrou e no Tensei, Maou no fukukan has been on indefinite hiatus from us for quite a while now due to various reasons. The series was dropped by the official publishers at volume 2 and a new version took its place with a new artist. Problem is, the new art style of the series isn’t to our (and the groups who wanted to joint project it before) taste whatsoever. You can view the cover for it here. We recently received another joint project request from a group who do want to [at least] finish off the old version of the series. If readers want us to accept the joint request and finish off the old version, then please say! (you can comment on the series page here). Alternatively, we could also officially drop the old version and start releasing the new one – as we do have a staff who are interested in the story still. Personally, I highly suggest the latter.

: No Game No Life seems to be on hiatus once again. We’re not sure why this is the case (and we haven’t done any investigating yet) but we wanted to let people know of this hiatus from the official publishers. As soon as this hiatus ends, expect to see a release of it from us following shortly after.

[Other News]
:: After Batoto’s closure (the old site, not the new shitty version of it), a new site called MangaDex has come into the frame. People have been asking us to release our chapters there, so we did investigate it. To our surprise, we noticed people uploading our previous chapters to the site without our consent or us even knowing – but we didn’t have a problem with this. However, now that those uploaders have disregarded our 48-hour delay policy (It is clearly stated on our group page on MangaDex that they created), I have claimed the position of leader and set restrictions to stop uploads of our projects there. It is indeed a shame they couldn’t follow such a simple rule on new releases. The site does have potential, so we will release chapters there eventually. But only after a few more changes have been made.

: We have no idea when and where our releases get uploaded nowadays. Reddit (r/manga) has done a pretty good job posting our new chapters minutes after release, but other than that, I urge all readers to join our Discord server! If people can also drop a message to notify others of our new releases, then go ahead. Just don’t spam it or do it at all if it’s against the rules of where you plan to do it.

This turned out to be a long post, but it ends here!
We hope you continue to support us and enjoy reading our releases!

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