State of Scanlation – April Edition (Update Post)

Far too much has happened since the last SoS (State of Scanlation) post.

This post was originally intended to be in the form of a video, but in the end, I decided it would be best to leave all our faults, errors and negativity in the past to move forward. I honestly don’t think there’s even a reason to do this update now – as all the topics I needed to cover has (mostly) resolved itself thanks to new staff joining… Though, there is a few things I’d like to clear up, so we’ll continue regardless.

First and foremost, we have two new projects due to start releasing. One of which has been in the works for over a year now. (Yes, it has actually been that long). “Why start new projects when you aren’t up-to-date on the other ones?” Not all staff wants to work on everything we do, and we don’t force them to. These new projects have staff that wants to continue working on them, so we will do what we have available to us. That, and because we already have staff on almost every project actively working.



:: Project Dedicated {Insert Position}

  • Having staff dedicated to a single project ensures it’ll be kept up-to-date and released soon after raws become available.
  • Please apply if interested.

:: Redrawers

  • Plain and simple, we need more redrawers. The more redrawers we have, the faster and more consistent chapters are released.
  • Please apply as soon as possible!



:: A Witch’s Printing Office

  • Dedicated translator desired!
  • Translator needed!

:: Dungeon Seeker & Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushou Hajimemashita

  • These are joint projects with Wakga, who is currently immensely busy and is finding it hard to translate due to lack of time. As we are guests to the joint project (We extended our hand to help because we love the series), we can only wait patiently – just like you – until translations are sent. We’ll have the chapter(s) done and released (probably) the same day we receive the translations.

:: Devilchi

  • This series is in a rough position. As we want to support the Mangaka as much as possible, we have only been using volume raws. That, and because the digital raws are pretty bad. Problem is, each volume takes an excruciatingly long time to release (70+ weekly released digital chapters out as of now). To stop us from falling further and further behind the source country, we’ll be switching to the much lower quality digital raws. To help close the 50-chapter gap, we’d like dedicated staff to make this happen.
  • Dedicated translator, Cleaner & Redrawer desired!
  • Translator needed!

:: I Said Make my Abilities Average!

  • Translator needed!

:: Oshioki xCute

  • This series will be going on Hiatus (after the next chapter) until we have staff for it.
  • Redrawer needed.

[New Site]

:: Development to begin again

  • The plan for the new site has been completely set aside from the time we announced it. We would like to begin development once again and push to have it published as soon as possible.
  • PHP, CSS, Javascript & Artists needed!
  • All those who applied to help before, please send me (SirChampion) another message on Discord.
  • Please apply if interested to help develop the site!



  • After the closure of and even now, we don’t know when and where our chapters get uploaded. Thank you to all those who share our releases via reddit (r/manga), Discord servers, forums, etc.
  • We do have a 48-hour delay policy on uploading to other sites for a reason. Please continue to respect this.


This brings an end to the update post.
If nothing happens throughout April then you probably won’t see a post in May.
We hope you continue to support us and enjoy reading our releases!

Sir Champion | Champion Scans