Changes are happening, both now and in the future.

In the now process is us not being involved with MangaDex moving forward. In light of recent events, we wish to make it clear that we planned to leave MangaDex 8 months ago. This wasn’t a rushed decision by any means, and no recent events or discoveries played a factor in our decision.
While MangaDex’s staff has been a pleasure to work with, using their platform over the last year has been a factor in our unhappiness. Thankfully, our presence on MangaDex isn’t a requirement, it’s an option. In this hobby we share, we are under no obligation to continue holding this weight of unhappiness. Due to popular demand, we began using MangaDex. Under our own volition, we’ve ceased using MangaDex.

Following the notion of dropping weight in pursuit of happiness, our next step is changing our group name. I created “Champion Scans” as a solo project which then became a group the day after its first release. Yet, almost three years later, the name still depicts singularity. I am not alone, we’re a group. This is a long-overdue change. As we look towards the future, we’d like to bury our unhappiness under our prior name so that we can enjoy scanlating once more. This is a given, but we will be continuing all our projects under the new name. The name change won’t happen immediately, however. We aren’t ready to jump ship just yet.

Moving on, ‘Champion Scans’ was many of our staffs first group. Evidently, our quality started out not so great. For some projects, it hurts to read our early chapters. Naturally, we aren’t happy with this. Thus overtime, we will be releasing a version 2 of the painfully bad chapters.

There’s a strong possibility of more changes to come. We’ll cover them as they happen.

When all is said and done, please know that these changes are to ensure our continuation as a group. If we aren’t happy, why would we continue scanlating? We’ve come very close to disbanding two times now. We wish for that to never happen again.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sir Champion | Champion Scans