Chapter 12 – 「King」Appears

There was a strong demon inside the colosseum.

It was a story from a few years back when the knights from the Satanists were being executed.

The knights were stripped naked and the execution began.

The execution began without any weapons or shields but as expected of the former knights.

Even without canes, there were those who could use magic, they wrestled cubs out of the hands of the demons and killed the demons one after another.

Never bowing down to the demons that gradually became stronger, they continued their fight.

But regardless after fighting without rest and the piling up injuries, the knights finally started to stagger.

The knights who fought without eating or drinking from morning till evening squeezed out the last ounce of their power to challenge the last demon.

And the last demon that appeared was a demon called 「King」.


It was a demon large enough to raise one’s head to look at it.

King held a giant steel sword in his hand and donned a thick magic resistant metal armour.


The knights who saw king stood motionless.

Their fighting spirit up until now was blown away.

Some had even weakly fallen down to the ground.



If King’s armour was hit by the cannon of a battleship, it probably wouldn’t even be dented.

The armour had magic resistance endowed upon it was capable of deflecting siege magic. It was an item capable of nullifying all magic.


King leisurely raised its sword and swung down using pure brute force, aiming for the knights who had already lost their fighting spirit.

A giant shock wave swayed the grounds, that shock wave had trembled the colosseum and had seemed to vibrate across the whole the entire country.

When the dust cleared up, there was only one standing; King.

King’s surroundings was dyed a deep poisonous crimson and vivid pink.

It is said that the victory cry of King once it had learned of its win had echoed even to the distant mountains where the demons lived.

People prayed for that King to reappear.


If it’s the King! If it’s the King, even that man’s magic should be ineffective!!

If it’s the King! That man would be killed!!

Hurry! Hurry! Unleash the King!!


The people’s thoughts became one and was even transmitted to the king.

The king slowly raised his hands and declared the release of the King.

The colosseum was shrouded with unending cheers.


「「「「「「KING! KING! KING! KING! 」」」」」」


They all loudly screamed for the King.


As if answering their pleas, the largest gate was opened to reveal the figure of the King.

Together with the cheers of the audience, King casually but steadily headed for the centre of the arena.

And as it approached the praying man, it gazed at the man and slowly bent over its large body.

King brought its large nose closer to the man, Buph! Buph! And began to sniff the man.

The man’s hair swayed under the rough breaths but he continued without caring.


…The King continued to sniff at the man for a while but probably became disinterested eventually.

After standing back up again, King stood up and shuffled away from the man.


The spectators were astonished at that sight.


「Wh-, What is happening?!」
「Why is the King not attacking him!?」
「Piece of shit! That Satanist! Of course they were connected with the demons! That’s why the demons won’t attack him! 」
「I- I see! There can’t be any other reason! 」
「Bastard! Take this! 」


In the audience, those who could use offensive magic concentrated their magical powers to fire off at the man in the centre of the arena.

At that moment, King roared.




As though it had gone crazy, King roared and swung down its sword towards the audience stands.


But the audience stands were protected by strong defence magic.

The audience was able to throw things or attack the arena with magic but the opposite was not possible.

A powerful defence magic that was created to prevent injuries to the important citizens protects the audience.

King’s sword which was made simply of steel could not penetrate the defence magic and the sword was repelled by defensive magic.


But the sudden behaviour of King was enough to surprise the audience.

The magic of the spectators who were surprised by the intimidation of King dissipated.

Everyone from the audience, scared by the clear murderous intent from King calmed down.

The King ambled across the arena, staring down the petrified audience.


At that very moment, the time of the man’s prayers had ended.

But the audience who were terrified by King wouldn’t have noticed.

The man spoke out in a loud voice to the audience.


「Now! The time to repent has come!!」


Translator – Kui Mesen

Proofreader – Fletterman

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  1. Civilized people without chance to vent quickly regress into unruly mob.
    Entertainment is important. Healthy entertainment, that is.
    This novel translation, for instance.
    Thanks for the chapter. Now I shall keep being part of civilized people.


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