Q. Why start new projects if you don’t have enough staff?

A. One commonly missed fact is that we are open to start how many projects we want to. Most of our projects are monthlies (chapters release once a month), so after we’ve released those chapters, we’ve then got nothing to do (this usually occurs between 10th – 25th). Some readers think that staff can only work on one project each. No. This isn’t the case at all. Staff are more than welcome to work on as many projects as they want to.

If chapters are delayed, then it isn’t because we don’t have enough staff, it’s because staff have something going on which comes before scanlating. Please know that this is a hobby, not a job. It’s not a matter of dedication either. Work, school & family (and friends), all this comes before scanlating.

Q. What happened to the Project Status section?

A. The Project Status section that was available on our previous site, wasn’t accurate at all. Our chapters are split into six stages; Stage 1: Translating; Stage 2: Cleaning; Stage 3: Redrawing; Stage 4: Proofreading; Stage 5: Typesetting and lastly, Stage 6: Quality Checking. See the problem? For us, stage 2 & 3 is usually done before stage 1, but we can’t progress the status past stage 1 since it hasn’t been completed yet. This tends to lead to confusion as most people think a chapter is only at the beginning stage, when in reality, it isn’t. Not to mention, most people didn’t know the order of stages in the first place, so it wasn’t of much use to the majority.

If you’d like to know the specific details on the progression of chapters, then become a patron for as little of $1 and gain access to the patron-only Discord chat(s). Doing so will give you access to daily updates on chapters and anything going on within the group.
It also helps support us, so please consider it!

Q. Can we re-translate your English release into our language? Part 1.

A. Sure, go ahead! Just be sure to credit us for the English translation.

Q. Can you send us the PSD files? Part 2.

A. No.

Q. Can you at least provide the raws? Part 3.

A. No.

Q. Why is the releases for “x” series so slow?

A. Most of our projects are monthly series in which the raws for them release around the end-of-the-month. We’ll usually release any monthly project within a week of obtaining the raws for it. Any other project we have a backlog of raws for will either be on weekly, biweekly or any schedule we’ve announced for it.

Q. Can you start “x” series?

A. We start anything we’re interested in. It also depends on the series and if we have (enough) staff available for it. Editing aside, if you’re willing to provide translations then send us an email at: officialchampion@hotmail.com

Q. Can you pick up “x” series?

A. Before you recommend a series to pick up, please check if the series is licensed and if the previous group actually dropped it or if it’s simply delayed. If the series is unlicensed, its droppage has been confirmed and our members find it interesting, then we’ll more than likely start the project.

Q. What are your rules regarding a licensed series?

A. I. If a series is licensed by an english-publisher, it’s illegal to release chapters of that series in english. One of the main reasons why we scanlate manga is so the series gains popularity and we urge readers to support the mangaka by buying their own copies of their work.

II. Most of the time we will drop any project that becomes licensed out of respect towards the author & artist, however there are a few exceptions. If the licensed series is years and years behind the source country, or the release for the english version is excruciatingly slow, then we will continue to release chapters. Needless to say, if the english version is only months behind then we’ll immediately stop & drop all work on the releases, as well as remove any download links on our site.

III. Starting a licensed series is a mix of both of the previous answers.
The only time we’ll start a licensed series is if the official english release is years behind the source country. For example; Volume 4 released in Japan, 2015, while volume 4 released in english, 2017. That long of a delay would’ve more than likely caused the series to lose interest in the eyes of many readers. So while releasing chapters, we’ll continue to push readers towards purchasing the official english release as much as possible.
Depending on the release schedule of the official english version, we’ll implement a flight-period system. This means a chapter of that licensed series will only be available on our site for 30 days, and will be removed promptly after.


  1. I came to the site as I see you’ve been doing World Teacher. It currently shows ch 15-16 are translated with no additional progress, but raws through 20 or 21 are out on the net. Was wondering if that series is something on the back-burner (due to academic commitments you all cited in a blog post) or is on the verge of being dropped as you all cite lack of interest is a big reason from dropping one. Thank you for any information in advance.


  2. Dollgun. It’s very good and hasn’t been updated in years (literally). I hope you pick it up, it’s probably unlicensed, and has more than likely already been completed in Japan, but has yet to be translated.


  3. hi! i have a bit of problem. i cant download the past chapters of some manga (esp. combatants will be dispatched chapters 1-4). can someone send me a links to it? thanks.


  4. If you are interested take a look at Moto Saikyou no Kenshi wa, Isekai Mahou ni Akogareru.
    I’m not sure if its droped or not but it hasn’t been updater for a few months.


  5. why so long for world teacher ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  6. more Isekai de Skill wo Kaitai shitara Cheat na Yome ga Zoushoku Shimashita: Gainen Kousa no Structure please and thank you


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