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Online Reader is Down.

It’s as the title says.

Our online reader currently isn’t working due to issues on the server provider’s side. We can’t do anything about this at all. We’re not sure how long the server will be down for as the email only says, “We’re working to fix this as soon as possible.” But, we can only hope that it’s up and running within the next few days.We’ve got some gooooood shit close to releasing!

For more updates on the situation (if any at all), be sure to join our Discord server!

State of Scanlation #2 | Update Post

Hey everyone, Sir Champion here!

Some time has passed since the last time we’ve done one of these update posts. Similarly to the previous post, now would be a good time to do this. Many readers seemed to want more of these so we’ll be doing one on the 5th of every month, while patrons receive them weekly.
Yet again, I’ll try keep my level of English on a basic scale so that all readers should be able to understand everything.
This is gonna be a long one…

First and foremost, we’re in a bad situation.
My eyes are in a dire state right now. Matter of fact, they have been since Ragna Crimson – ch2 released. I haven’t been able to sit and look at a monitor until only recently. And the absence of chapters is quite evident of that. At first, I dismissed it as simple eye-strain caused from me being at my desk for about 9 – 13 hours (some times more) every day for the last year. Problem is, eye-strain usually lasts for hours – days. Not weeks (in most cases). My eyes have been getting worse over the weeks and right now, I’m forced to choose between recovering my eyes or scanlating. Needless to say, the choice is obvious.
However, there is some hope, albeit small. We’ll be going on schedule for the next week or so. This schedule will mainly be a test as to whether or not I can continue editing to the extent that I was before. If this schedule does fall through, then yes, I will be stepping down as an editor to recover my eyes – ultimately leading to a huge decline in releases. The schedule is mainly composed of chapters in the typesetting stage anyway, and it’ll continue until the 15th/16th. No release dates are set in stone. This will allow me to push a chapter back if It’s impossible to edit that day. Likewise, chapters can and probably will come forward a day or two. As long as everything gets released by the 16th latest, then it’ll be a success.

We’ve had a lack of typesetters since the very beginning. I’ve been able to carry the typesetting team by myself for the last year – which is why it hasn’t been as much of an issue that it is now – but unfortunately, that’s simply not possible anymore. The workload is too much for me in the state that I’m currently in now.
We strive for quality over quantity. I won’t accept just anyone looking to become staff. It has always been that way. That being said, I’ve lowered my standards tremendously over the last few months – as the lack of quality checking on chapters should be evident of that. If taking even longer to release chapters will allow us to maintain our current level of quality, then that is what will happen. Before some readers say that quality doesn’t matter, we actually take pride in the work we do. For that reason alone, we always push ourselves to get even better and will continue on that path.
So now more than ever, we ask that any experienced typesetters that can match the level of quality (or just beneath it) of our chapters, please apply to join us!
With my eyes at 100%, I can easily do up to 90 pages a day (depending on the length, roughly 3 – 5 chapters). Just imagine how much more we would be able to release if we had just one other typesetter able to do even half that amount! And for the new guys looking to become typesetters, I’d be more than happy to s̶p̶a̶r̶t̶a̶n̶ train you up to scratch. Just that, that won’t be able to happen unless more typesetters join as all the free time I have nowadays goes straight into typesetting.

Onto other news.
With Batoto closing, my plans for a new site have been pushed forward 7 – 9 months. I don’t believe I ever publicly stated it, however, both this site and the previous one was supposed to be only temporary sites. I’ve been meaning to start designing the perfect site for the longest of time, and with Batoto closing that plan has now been pushed forward 7 – 9 months. The project is kinda large, so if any web Dev’s (and maybe a designer or two) would be interested in working on it, please send me a message on discord! (Sir Champion#0527)
We’ll see an influx of readers once Batoto fully shuts down, so the reader in the current state it’s in will 100% crash/slow down more often. Thus, we’ll be looking towards upgrading the server in hope that the next one will be able to handle the traffic y’all throw at it. Which leads me into the next point.

Over the last two months, we have received so much support in donations/patrons that we’ve actually been able to pay for all our necessities without me having to reach into my own pocket. For this, I personally want to thank every single one of you who has donated between now and November. As I’m moving into a new apartment in the following weeks to come, knowing that the group will still be able to afford our monthly needs without me needing to chip in means a hell of a lot. Thank you so much!
Server cost is only going to get more and more expensive now, so it would be much appreciated if you continued supporting us as you have already. Be it $1, or $3, everything helps us towards offsetting costs!
Here’s some patron news, everything mentioned in the previous patron post will begin effective immediately. There will be another post coming tomorrow on patreon so be sure to look out for that!

Well, that pretty much wraps up this update post. I’ma head to sleep now.
Good or bad, changes will come!

We hope you continue to support us and enjoy reading our releases!

Sir Champion | Champion Scans

Celebrating One-Year Scanlating!

Holy S***…

Hard to believe a year has already gone by since ‘Champion Scans’ released its first chapter! To think that we’ve been together, through thick and thin, releasing chapters and growing as a whole all this time is really something special to take in… Just remembering the days when we would release one chapter every two weeks and feel content with that, really shows how far we’ve come haha.

Over the last year, whenever we start a new series, we always see readers asking for the Novel source. That got us thinking… “Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could release both the Novel and Manga for the same series?” SO THAT’S WHAT WE’RE GONNA DO!! Eventually…

We’re now doing Novel Translations!!!
Kui Mesen being the leader, and Sir Champion co-leading, we’ll now begin our adventure into the great, vast Novel world!
The first series we’ll start is, “She Was Both Called God, as Well as Satan.”
As time goes on, we’ll be starting more and more novels.
If any translators and editors (proofreaders) are interested in joining, please be sure to PM either “Sir Champion” or “Kui Mesn” on our Discord server!

Was kinda hoping to do a little more as a celebration, but this is all we can do for now.

Don’t want to go on for too long, so here’s to another year strong!

I’ll change up the site tomorrow. For now, I sleep.

Batch Release #4

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In Another World with my Smartphone – Chapter 9 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Devilchi – Chapter 20 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Devilchi – Chapter 21 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

No Game No Life – Chapter 10 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu – Chapter 25.1 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu – Chapter 25.2 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

The Legendary Weapon is Too Heavy To Equip – Chapter 3 (End) – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Next Life – Chapter 5 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

LV999 No Murabito – Chapter 6 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Legend – Chapter 8 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Legend – Chapter 9 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o – Chapter 4.2 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

Isekai de Skill wo Kaitai Shitara’ – Chapter 4 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

I Said Make My Abilities Average! – Chapter 3 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here

{Novel} She Was Both Called God, As Well As Satan – Chapter 2 – Read Online: Here

{Novel} She Was Both Called God, As Well As Satan – Chapter 3 – Read Online: Here

{Novel} She Was Both Called God, As Well As Satan – Chapter 4 – Read Online: Here

{Novel} She Was Both Called God, As Well As Satan – Chapter 5 – Read Online: Here

Welcome to the New Site!

We’re back!! The website is finally done!! :’)
Setting up this site should’ve been a quick and easy task, especially with how ‘basic’ it is. But holy sh** was it far from that…  Anyway, we can finally release new chapters frequently again!!

I must give credit where credit is due.
Massive thanks to Gecko, for his work in re-coding the reader, trouble-shooting pretty much anything, as well as his work with Whaler2D in making the reader possible. Gecko and Whaler2D, thank you so much for all your work and effort!

For those wondering, we had to move site abruptly because our old site on weebly, ran out of remaining storage space. Once the storage is full, it replaces any larger files with the smallest files uploaded. This resulted in chapters having pages from mutliple series. It was a mess…
With not knowing how much storage space we have remaining and when chapters might corrupt, it was unfortunate that we reached the limit just as we were starting to release frequently (which probably had something to do with it…).
Troubles aside, we now have plenty of storage space on a server separate from the site, so thankfully we don’t have to deal with that ever again!

I’m still not entirely used to operating this site & reader, so if anyone finds any bugs, spelling mistakes or anything wrong, please let me know by messaging Sir Champion on Discord!

Speaking of Discord, we no longer have a site chat. So join hundreds of others in our Discord Server!! (click the Discord button on the right to join).

Yet again, welcome to the new site!!