[Update] Moving Servers (Reader Down) + Ubau Mono’ Hiatus

This will be a short post.

Our online reader will be down for a few days while we transfer everything to a different server. The main site (this one) won’t be affected, although you will receive an error upon attempting to load any past releases once transferring is underway. Downloading past releases will still be available.

Regarding Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono, no, we haven’t dropped the project or put it on hiatus. The series hasn’t been updated by the Japanese Publishers since March. It could be a health case from the author, the artist not having enough time (his own manga was serialized last year after all) or an internal issue. We don’t know. If the issue was from the artist dropping off the series, then we could be looking at a reboot from Chapter 1 with a new artist doing it. If an official statement was given to which we’re unaware of, please message Sir Champion#0527 on Discord and this post will be updated promptly afterwards.

One thing we can say with certainty is that we’ll never drop the series and will continue it even if it’s rebooted from Chapter 1.

Hopefully this answers your questions and clears up any misunderstanding.

Edit: Hiatus was due to the author being hospitalized.
Click here for the Japanese post on it.

Update: Hiatus & Dropping

Good Morning/Good Evening/Good Afternoon,
I’m struggling to stay awake after this 24-hour editing session, so I wanted to announce this before falling asleep. We are putting 4 series on Hiatus, dropping 2 and we’re uncertain whether we want to continue doing another 5. Why? Mainly due to a lack of interest.
Unfortunately, among the active staff, hardly anyone is interested in continuing the older projects. We have an abundance of staff doing little – nothing because there isn’t a series they want to do. As a result, we’re only going to do series we actually want to work on. That’s understandable, right?

The series going on Hiatus are ones we still have some interest in continuing but currently can’t due to a lack of a certain role for it (translators mainly). The Hiatus could be long-term or short-term. As soon as we have the role(s) for it, we’ll continue it right away.
Now on Hiatus: Devilchi, Next Life, HxEros and Oshioki X-Cute (Hiatus Extended).

The series being dropped are ones we have a general lack of interest in continuing.
There isn’t much more to say than that…
Now dropped: A Witch’s Printing Office and Hakoniwa Oukoku no Souzoushu-Sama.

No longer worried, right? Most of these barely had a following to begin with, but we were interested in them nonetheless. The other 5 series we’re uncertain in continuing is like the ones above – they’re rarely requested and haven’t been updated in many months. As of now, 6 projects are off the active list, and that number could increase to 11 depending on further discussion. So… What now? Well, we have 5 – 6 newish translators open for more projects (not sure how much each can do yet), and as said before, we have an abundance of staff in every role looking for series to do. We are going to prioritize the active projects, but we are looking to start new ones. I’m probably going to regret saying this; feel free to DM me (on Discord: Sir Champion#0527) suggestions of what we can start next!

Type: Manga (Not Manhwa or Manhua)
If Ongoing: Make sure to check if the previous group has dropped it before suggesting. We aren’t looking for trouble.
Licensed: Preferably not. (http://prntscr.com/kkyxvo)
Genre: Any. Preferably non-isekai.

I’ll read every DM but probably won’t respond to it.

I don’t believe the chapters I typesetted during the 24-hour period are release-quality worthy yet. I’ll fix ‘em up and release ‘em whenever I wake up tomorrow (there’s a lot).

Thank you for your understanding.
P.s Apologies for no releases. I didn’t have a PC to edit on because my PSU (Power Supply Unit) died.

Downloading Removed & Changed + Donating

It’s as the title says.

All existing download links no longer work, and the option to download from the reader has been removed due to server cost.

We pay by server usage which usually totals $30 – $60 monthly. However, 7 days into July and our bill is already exceeding $40. We’re not entirely certain on this, but we believe a drastic increase in downloads to be one of the reasons for the current bill cost. Summer vacation also bringing in a lot more views isn’t really helping our situation, but that’s not something we can exactly control. On the other hand, disabling downloads from the reader was an option we could do.

We’re sure this change doesn’t matter to most people, but it does effect some. Downloads were enabled due to many requests [mainly] from people traveling that tend to download chapters for their flight/journey. In light of this, from now on downloading will be done directly through our storage instead of the server/reader. While unfortunately, this does mean; 1) Storage will fill faster 2) Download speed will be slower 3) You can no longer download past chapters and 4) More work for me to do, It’s our only other alternative to keep downloading available.

There’s no way in hell I’m going through and fixing every download link on all 270+ chapters, so maybe once a month we’ll announce a day in which we allow downloading from the reader. This is a huge maybe. Probably won’t happen if we can’t get this server cost situation under control.

On a different note, I’ve received many questions regarding donating that I’d like to answer here. Patreon is currently our only method of accepting donations due to the safety of it. Paypal is susceptible to chargebacks that could really screw us (mainly me) over for multiple reasons, so we removed that form of donating. On the upside, Patreon removes all worries, is more consistent and safe. On the downside, apparently Patreon isn’t a valid option for some people due to payment methods (I’m not entirely sure on this).

Thank you to all that do adjust to Patreon’s payment methods as it keeps us afloat and operational.

State of Scanlation – July Edition

State of Scanlation – July Edition

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. Did ya miss it?
Our Hiatus is over! We come bringing new chapters (releasing later today) and new features!

Project Status

Almost an entire year ago, we removed the Project Status section from our site.
We’re finally bringing it back!

Trello is an amazing service that removes all inaccuracies previously seen on the old Project Status (refer to the FAQ page for more information). It’s simple to understand, so I’ll skip the in-depth tutorial. Any chapter tagged with {Translated} has been translated, anything that hasn’t been tagged, hasn’t been translated. Simple, right?
This way readers can see exactly what stage their desired chapter is in.

The main feature, some (not all) readers would appreciate – is mobile notifications on the progression of their ‘watched’ project. (You have to manually select which projects to watch for notifications. Of course, you aren’t forced to follow anything). A member of staff will comment on a chapter card something like, “{Insert Role}: Done,” once they’ve finished their part. Just know that you probably won’t see an update for the completion of typesetting as I always typeset and quality check at the same time, then release right after.

Overall, this is an improvement for everyone, not just keen readers but for also us staff.
It makes the quality-of-life just that bit better around here.

Click the [Status] tab on our site, or you can use the link here: https://trello.com/b/fYyacQTG/cs-project-status


Weekly Voted To-Do List (New System. Discord Only)

Once a week, we’ll give out a realistic, numbered list of chapters that will be done throughout the next week. The list will be comprised of chapters that will 100% be released that week, it’ll probably only contain chapters within the editing stages.

By reacting with numbers, everyone will vote on the indefinite order of which that list will be released in. However, joint projects and staff dedicated projects will not be affected by the votes outcome. For example: If Dungeon Nursery was to receive the lowest votes thus putting it as the last chapter to be released that week, as it’s currently the only project with a full list of dedicated staff on it, those staff will still work on it – more than likely first – concluding in it being released much earlier in the release order. As joint projects are series shared between multiple groups working together, naturally we wouldn’t include these in our release order.

Voting: Thursday – Friday night (Not factoring in time zones)

Patron increased votes applicable.


How We Function

In light of recent events, I thought it would be a good idea for everyone to know how we do things. This way, you know precisely what you’re in store for if you apply to join.

We are different to most groups in how we operate. Staff are extremely free and do what they want. No deadlines, no schedules. Just try get the work done as soon as possible. As such, any form of management doesn’t exactly go to plan in practice. Honestly, we question have we’ve made it this far quite often, but it works for us.
Not all our projects are updated frequently, a lot of staff have been sitting around with nothing to do lately. So, I decided a change was in order and we’ve scrapped our old way of doing things. Well, mostly that is.

In a sense, staff are even more free now.
Assigned projects are no longer a thing. Technically, you can work on whatever you want as soon as it becomes available in your role. Translators have and will stay dedicated to their project(s) – you won’t see a change happen here. Proofreaders are under the control of their recently appointed Queen, so they have the least freedom amongst staff. My condolences.
Aside from that, the only projects off-limits to the rest of staff is those with a dedicated-staff [member] on it. Currently, Dungeon Nursery is the only project with a full roster of dedicated staff. You’ll see releases of it much, much more often compared to any other project because of this.
Instead of being assigned projects, available staff will now claim pages from a chapter and will work together to get that chapter done as fast as possible. This is a more common way of doings things and should increase releases drastically.

This new system will work for us because of who we are. We are all skilled enough to take on almost every project we do individually. Naze boku no sekai being one of the few exceptions. We aren’t blinded by pride and will gladly accept the help of others should we ever need it – even if this means having someone go over our work. Scanlating is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable hobby. If any of the above rubs you the wrong way, then it’ll probably hinder you from having fun and enjoying what you’re doing here.

We have a somewhat large backlog of chapters. With the new system in action, we will work towards getting everything caught up asap. If you’re interested in applying, please do asap! Our time is limited, and we can only accept good, [mainly] experienced people because of this. Maybe one day we’ll open our doors to newcomers and teach everyone from the ground up again. Until then, keep practicing!

Use adblock on our reader!

We recently found out that ads have been appearing on the reader despite us not running any ads on our sites. The ads that appear on the reader is from Disqus (chat feature) to which we must pay to remove. As I recently exhausted the remainder of our funds renewing WordPress premium (Premium removes ads placed by WP), we don’t even have enough to order all our monthly raws let alone now additionally pay to remove ads on the reader. We’ve lost patrons due to our hiatus last month, so money is kinda tight right now. We’ll start removing the ads from Disqus monthly starting from the next Patreon pay-out on August 2nd. Until then, use adblock!

We are aware that some readers intentionally disable their adblock to support scanlators, but please do the opposite for us. We want readers to enjoy reading our releases with an ad-free experience. This may be a weird request, nonetheless, please follow through with it!
Thank you for your understanding.


  • The actions and beliefs of one member doesn’t reflect that of the entire group.
  • Position tests are now available on [Apply] / #recruitment
    – Submit your final pages (w/PSDs) along with your application.
  • I wanna see more activity on the reader and Discord. Make it happen!
  • Never expect anything from us.

Gonna sleep for a bit then release later.
Thank you,
Sir Champion | ChampionScans

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu – Chapter 31.1 v2 (Coming Soon)


We have taken down the chapter and will begin working on fixing our errors in v1. Forgive us for our lack of care with the chapter and losing sight of ourselves and what we stand by – Quality over Speed.

Thank you to all those that informed us of the mistakes. I was careless and didn’t bother read nor quality check the chapter before releasing it. That mistake won’t happen again. Once again, a huge thank you to the readers that also care about the quality we strive to achieve with every release.


Online Reader is Down.

It’s as the title says.

Our online reader currently isn’t working due to issues on the server provider’s side. We can’t do anything about this at all. We’re not sure how long the server will be down for as the email only says, “We’re working to fix this as soon as possible.” But, we can only hope that it’s up and running within the next few days.We’ve got some gooooood shit close to releasing!

For more updates on the situation (if any at all), be sure to join our Discord server!

State of Scanlation #2 | Update Post

Hey everyone, Sir Champion here!

Some time has passed since the last time we’ve done one of these update posts. Similarly to the previous post, now would be a good time to do this. Many readers seemed to want more of these so we’ll be doing one on the 5th of every month, while patrons receive them weekly.
Yet again, I’ll try keep my level of English on a basic scale so that all readers should be able to understand everything.
This is gonna be a long one…

First and foremost, we’re in a bad situation.
My eyes are in a dire state right now. Matter of fact, they have been since Ragna Crimson – ch2 released. I haven’t been able to sit and look at a monitor until only recently. And the absence of chapters is quite evident of that. At first, I dismissed it as simple eye-strain caused from me being at my desk for about 9 – 13 hours (some times more) every day for the last year. Problem is, eye-strain usually lasts for hours – days. Not weeks (in most cases). My eyes have been getting worse over the weeks and right now, I’m forced to choose between recovering my eyes or scanlating. Needless to say, the choice is obvious.
However, there is some hope, albeit small. We’ll be going on schedule for the next week or so. This schedule will mainly be a test as to whether or not I can continue editing to the extent that I was before. If this schedule does fall through, then yes, I will be stepping down as an editor to recover my eyes – ultimately leading to a huge decline in releases. The schedule is mainly composed of chapters in the typesetting stage anyway, and it’ll continue until the 15th/16th. No release dates are set in stone. This will allow me to push a chapter back if It’s impossible to edit that day. Likewise, chapters can and probably will come forward a day or two. As long as everything gets released by the 16th latest, then it’ll be a success.

We’ve had a lack of typesetters since the very beginning. I’ve been able to carry the typesetting team by myself for the last year – which is why it hasn’t been as much of an issue that it is now – but unfortunately, that’s simply not possible anymore. The workload is too much for me in the state that I’m currently in now.
We strive for quality over quantity. I won’t accept just anyone looking to become staff. It has always been that way. That being said, I’ve lowered my standards tremendously over the last few months – as the lack of quality checking on chapters should be evident of that. If taking even longer to release chapters will allow us to maintain our current level of quality, then that is what will happen. Before some readers say that quality doesn’t matter, we actually take pride in the work we do. For that reason alone, we always push ourselves to get even better and will continue on that path.
So now more than ever, we ask that any experienced typesetters that can match the level of quality (or just beneath it) of our chapters, please apply to join us!
With my eyes at 100%, I can easily do up to 90 pages a day (depending on the length, roughly 3 – 5 chapters). Just imagine how much more we would be able to release if we had just one other typesetter able to do even half that amount! And for the new guys looking to become typesetters, I’d be more than happy to s̶p̶a̶r̶t̶a̶n̶ train you up to scratch. Just that, that won’t be able to happen unless more typesetters join as all the free time I have nowadays goes straight into typesetting.

Onto other news.
With Batoto closing, my plans for a new site have been pushed forward 7 – 9 months. I don’t believe I ever publicly stated it, however, both this site and the previous one was supposed to be only temporary sites. I’ve been meaning to start designing the perfect site for the longest of time, and with Batoto closing that plan has now been pushed forward 7 – 9 months. The project is kinda large, so if any web Dev’s (and maybe a designer or two) would be interested in working on it, please send me a message on discord! (Sir Champion#0527)
We’ll see an influx of readers once Batoto fully shuts down, so the reader in the current state it’s in will 100% crash/slow down more often. Thus, we’ll be looking towards upgrading the server in hope that the next one will be able to handle the traffic y’all throw at it. Which leads me into the next point.

Over the last two months, we have received so much support in donations/patrons that we’ve actually been able to pay for all our necessities without me having to reach into my own pocket. For this, I personally want to thank every single one of you who has donated between now and November. As I’m moving into a new apartment in the following weeks to come, knowing that the group will still be able to afford our monthly needs without me needing to chip in means a hell of a lot. Thank you so much!
Server cost is only going to get more and more expensive now, so it would be much appreciated if you continued supporting us as you have already. Be it $1, or $3, everything helps us towards offsetting costs!
Here’s some patron news, everything mentioned in the previous patron post will begin effective immediately. There will be another post coming tomorrow on patreon so be sure to look out for that!

Well, that pretty much wraps up this update post. I’ma head to sleep now.
Good or bad, changes will come!

We hope you continue to support us and enjoy reading our releases!

Sir Champion | Champion Scans