Addressing Some Things

Addressing Some Things

This post covers; applications, hopeful trainees, commissions/hentai, misdirected hate and an update for a couple projects. There’s a few other topics not included that may or may not be covered at a later date. For the most part, this was made to answer recent emails – both the good and bad ones.

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Any questions? Feel free to ask us by using the contact form!

We Need Translators!

recruitment-pageWe’re in need of translators!

We aren’t asking for you exclusively, as long as you can provide translations that’s perfectly fine. Especially because of the time of year (everyone is busy), we won’t ask a lot from you. If any voluntary Japanese to English translators would be interested in helping out, please contact us by either the contact form or messaging Tallguy#6529 on Discord!

A Quick Fix You Can Do (For Old Releases)

Although double-spread viewing works (the default mode when chapters load), here’s a quick fix you can do for single page and scroll mode  while we work on a permanent fix.

Note: This is only for desktop/laptop users as mobile devices work fine.

Step 1. Enter Scroll Mode (Bottom-right side of page)

Step 2. Select ‘Fit to Height’

Scroll viewing fixed.

Step 3. Exit Scroll Mode

Step 4. Select Single Page View

Single page viewing fixed.

From now on the credits page may appear at the start or end depending on the chapter. This is because of how the reader interprets page count with double pages. There’s a few other bugs present, however, none of them affects the reading experience.

Edit: Apparently putting the credits page 2nd fixes quite a few issues… Scroll mode works fine, but single page view still needs a bit of work.

Edit 2: Okay, problem solved. Single page view seems to be fine [for the most part]. From now we’ll put the credits page 2nd. For older releases you’ll still need to do the fix above for the time being.

Update about releases

We’re agreeing that it’s taking too long with the site so we planned to release chapters on the old one or on something like MD but we are currently not able to have access to our finished chapters because of reasons.
There are a shit ton of chapters ready but we’re just not able to release them because of it.
We’re sorry we haven’t released anything since the first day of the batchathon and I’ll be back again, if there are still no releases soon, with more info

[Update] Upgrade Status

Improvements and upgrades are underway.

As we already have a new database/reader 80% complete on a different server, the batchathon will be delayed so that we can finish, setup and transfer onto it. Additional image servers will be coming shortly to further performance and stability.

At this moment in time, I can’t say with certainty the length of the delay. We could be back up and running as soon as the 24th if things go smoothly.

Thank you for your understanding.

05/12 Edit: Soon done. Taking longer than expected due to time constraints.

Celebrating Two-Years Scanlating!

Holy S***…

Another year has gone by already?! It felt like I was typing a post similar to this only a few months ago! Despite everything that’s happened this year, same as our first one, this year has been something special… To think we’ve grown so much over the course of a single year is out-of this-world!

For such a feat, we had to go all out. We weren’t content with releasing a mere 20 chapters and calling that a ‘batch’. This year we’ll be doing a 7-day long batchathon which tops our biggest batch by almost double! So, for the next 7 days, chapters will be released (at least) an hour apart after the first release that day. Staggering releases like this should (hopefully) keep our reader from dying.

We have a few new additions to our active project list! One releasing daily will be ‘Kono Shima ni wa Midara de Jaaku na Mono ga Sumu’. We wanted a change from the typical Isekai stuff, and this just happened to fall within reach. We, uh… Did far too many chapters of this and almost finished the story already… As for the other new pick-ups, well, look forward to ’em (one of them is an Isekai at least!).

Stepping into our third year scanlating, there will be many changes to come. The first being today, with the release of our final State of Scanlation update post. I, Sir Champion, did this in audio to make our final conversation (originally, the SoS series started as a chat between us) actually feel like one, where you hear my voice. I had to remove a bunch of background noise which left my voice soft, but oh well.

Click here to watch/listen.

Anyways, let’s wrap this up. Thank you so much for your support!
Here’s to another year strong!

Let the batchathon begin!

[Update] Moving Servers (Reader Down) + Ubau Mono’ Hiatus

This will be a short post.

Our online reader will be down for a few days while we transfer everything to a different server. The main site (this one) won’t be affected, although you will receive an error upon attempting to load any past releases once transferring is underway. Downloading past releases will still be available.

Regarding Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono, no, we haven’t dropped the project or put it on hiatus. The series hasn’t been updated by the Japanese Publishers since March. It could be a health case from the author, the artist not having enough time (his own manga was serialized last year after all) or an internal issue. We don’t know. If the issue was from the artist dropping off the series, then we could be looking at a reboot from Chapter 1 with a new artist doing it. If an official statement was given to which we’re unaware of, please message Sir Champion#0527 on Discord and this post will be updated promptly afterwards.

One thing we can say with certainty is that we’ll never drop the series and will continue it even if it’s rebooted from Chapter 1.

Hopefully this answers your questions and clears up any misunderstanding.

Edit: Hiatus was due to the author being hospitalized.
Click here for the Japanese post on it.