First and foremost, we thank you dearly for applying to join us! Recently there has been an influx of applicants looking to help, so much so that replying individually would take far too much time. Thus, we’d like to clear up a few things here.

At this moment in time, we have very few active translators. As such, work is scarce, and any new staff would have very little – nothing to do (Redrawers being an exception to this). Once more translators join, we will then reach out to all applicants. We can only hope you’ll still be interested at that time.

Kept this among only staff & friends for a while, but it didn’t show much results, so we’ll go public with it instead. If you need editors, send the translations our way! If we’re interested in the project, we’ll get it done and out there in a timely manner. Will touch a bit more on this two sections below.
We’ve always been open to Joint projects, and we’re excited to be resurrecting one of our most desired projects because of this real soon!

We split the work of ‘cleaning’ and ‘redrawing’ into two separate roles. Unfortunately, bubble cleaning (removing text from pages) isn’t a role. As we are of the minority and still use physical scans wherever possible, cleaning them is quite demanding of skill/experience. Below is an example of what you’re expected to do post-cropping.

Before Cleaning
After Cleaning


Redrawing is the process of ridding the page of any Japanese text. Below is an example of what you’re expected to do.

Before Redrawing
After Redrawing


As shown, there’s a difference in what each role does. Please clearly specify in your application either of the two! Among editors, we’re currently only looking for Redrawers and Typesetters!

Hopeful Trainees

We feel blessed knowing that so many new people looking to get into scanlating come to us for guidance/training. We’d love to accept and teach you everything we know; however, it pains us to have to reject your enthusiasm to learn. Unfortunately, due to too many bad experiences of training beginners up from scratch and getting them to a position where we could confidently call them good at what they do, only to receive a middle finger and them leaving promptly after, we no longer train newcomers (translators being the only exception). Maybe some time far off in the future can we start training people again. Hopefully…


As we’ve been receiving questions regarding if we accept commissions, I’ll clearly state it here: No. We have not and won’t ever accept commissions. With that being said, if you commission an external translator and we’re interested in the chapter/project, we’ll gladly accept the work (not the money). Yes, this does also include Hentai. Just know that any 18+ releases will be unlisted on the reader – meaning you cannot view it on the reader or access it without clicking a specific link.

Misdirected Hate

If you’re going to send hateful comments/emails, you do you – just make sure you send it to the correct recipient. Receiving complaints of quality drops for releases that weren’t from us but for series we’ve dropped/are doing is not what we should be dealing with. If it doesn’t have our credits page somewhere in the chapter – often near the start or at the end – then it wasn’t from us.

On a different note: the only good that comes from this is clarification for us that there are some people out there that still care about the quality of what they’re reading.


Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono
This series has been on hiatus from the official publisher for an entire year now to this day. As we have not looked into it since the last post we made on it, we cannot provide any further details/updates on the authors condition. If the series ever does update, spam us with emails. Although we check daily, getting woken up to news of it starting again would be a pretty good start to the day – albeit lacking sleep (most likely).  Link to official page: here

Kou 1 Desu ga Isekai de Joushu Hajimemashita
Yes, we are aware that it has been a while since we (ChampionScans & Wakga) have updated this series. We plan to marathon the series up to the latest chapter once Wakga is available to translate it.

The [project] Status page will be returning very soon! Once we’ve cleaned up a few things, we’ll post a separate announcement for it and how to use it.

Sir Champion | Champion Scans

Edit: Depending on the browser used, the redrawing example caption is bugged ( Not much we could do about that…