Recently we were banned from r/manga. We hope our actions sate the requirements to get unbanned.

In 2017, on our old site, we didn’t have an online reader. Each page was manually uploaded to the site and was downscaled horribly to fit. As such, downloads were made available to patrons to read in their full size on release. Following that, the next day we released the full-size version on Batoto and downloads made available on our site. We haven’t updated our Patreon since then.

Up till now, patrons of any tier could download on release.
From now on, all chapter downloads will be made available to the public through our patreon, for free. In regard to the old releases, removing the patron lock on every post would take too long. Instead, we’ll drop a link to all prior downloads once we’ve gathered them all on Patreon.

We apologize for our [lack of] actions.

Sir Champion | Champion Scans

P.S. Since November, we’ve had a good, stable server/reader that can handle loads far greater than it currently does with no performance drops. Yet, we see a lot of people complaining about the reader. Can those with complaints let us know what’s wrong? We’ll work on improving the reader as soon as possible. Please let us know by joining our Discord and dropping a message. It would be much appreciated!

Edit: Here’s the post on Patreon addressing and giving access to downloads.

Edit2: Thank you, we were unbanned. Enjoy downloading.