Although double-spread viewing works (the default mode when chapters load), here’s a quick fix you can do for single page and scroll mode  while we work on a permanent fix.

Note: This is only for desktop/laptop users as mobile devices work fine.

Step 1. Enter Scroll Mode (Bottom-right side of page)

Step 2. Select ‘Fit to Height’

Scroll viewing fixed.

Step 3. Exit Scroll Mode

Step 4. Select Single Page View

Single page viewing fixed.

From now on the credits page may appear at the start or end depending on the chapter. This is because of how the reader interprets page count with double pages. There’s a few other bugs present, however, none of them affects the reading experience.

Edit: Apparently putting the credits page 2nd fixes quite a few issues… Scroll mode works fine, but single page view still needs a bit of work.

Edit 2: Okay, problem solved. Single page view seems to be fine [for the most part]. From now we’ll put the credits page 2nd. For older releases you’ll still need to do the fix above for the time being.