Thank you.

To you guys especially, but everyone else also.

I have to manually upload all 300+ releases to the new server, however, I won’t rest until it’s all done (pray for me, thx). Up until a few days ago, the new reader wouldn’t work on IOS, and as over 60% of our traffic is from mobile devices, I wanted that fixed before releasing. There’s still a few bugs features that need some work, although they won’t (or at least, shouldn’t) effect the reading experience. Regarding the upgrades, well, we haven’t exactly been able to stress-test it yet… I have faith in the professional (not me) that handled everything over the last month that it’ll work well. In the case that it doesn’t once new chapters start releasing (hopefully today, but my upload speed is pretty shit), uhh… we’ll still release anyway!

Ah! Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Bit late but whatever

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Update about releases

We’re agreeing that it’s taking too long with the site so we planned to release chapters on the old one or on something like MD but we are currently not able to have access to our finished chapters because of reasons.
There are a shit ton of chapters ready but we’re just not able to release them because of it.
We’re sorry we haven’t released anything since the first day of the batchathon and I’ll be back again, if there are still no releases soon, with more info