Holy S***…

Another year has gone by already?! It felt like I was typing a post similar to this only a few months ago! Despite everything that’s happened this year, same as our first one, this year has been something special… To think we’ve grown so much over the course of a single year is out-of this-world!

For such a feat, we had to go all out. We weren’t content with releasing a mere 20 chapters and calling that a ‘batch’. This year we’ll be doing a 7-day long batchathon which tops our biggest batch by almost double! So, for the next 7 days, chapters will be released (at least) an hour apart after the first release that day. Staggering releases like this should (hopefully) keep our reader from dying.

We have a few new additions to our active project list! One releasing daily will be ‘Kono Shima ni wa Midara de Jaaku na Mono ga Sumu’. We wanted a change from the typical Isekai stuff, and this just happened to fall within reach. We, uh… Did far too many chapters of this and almost finished the story already… As for the other new pick-ups, well, look forward to ’em (one of them is an Isekai at least!).

Stepping into our third year scanlating, there will be many changes to come. The first being today, with the release of our final State of Scanlation update post. I, Sir Champion, did this in audio to make our final conversation (originally, the SoS series started as a chat between us) actually feel like one, where you hear my voice. I had to remove a bunch of background noise which left my voice soft, but oh well.

Click here to watch/listen.

Anyways, let’s wrap this up. Thank you so much for your support!
Here’s to another year strong!

Let the batchathon begin!