This will be a short post.

Our online reader will be down for a few days while we transfer everything to a different server. The main site (this one) won’t be affected, although you will receive an error upon attempting to load any past releases once transferring is underway. Downloading past releases will still be available.

Regarding Ubau Mono Ubawareru Mono, no, we haven’t dropped the project or put it on hiatus. The series hasn’t been updated by the Japanese Publishers since March. It could be a health case from the author, the artist not having enough time (his own manga was serialized last year after all) or an internal issue. We don’t know. If the issue was from the artist dropping off the series, then we could be looking at a reboot from Chapter 1 with a new artist doing it. If an official statement was given to which we’re unaware of, please message Sir Champion#0527 on Discord and this post will be updated promptly afterwards.

One thing we can say with certainty is that we’ll never drop the series and will continue it even if it’s rebooted from Chapter 1.

Hopefully this answers your questions and clears up any misunderstanding.

Edit: Hiatus was due to the author being hospitalized.
Click here for the Japanese post on it.