Good Morning/Good Evening/Good Afternoon,
I’m struggling to stay awake after this 24-hour editing session, so I wanted to announce this before falling asleep. We are putting 4 series on Hiatus, dropping 2 and we’re uncertain whether we want to continue doing another 5. Why? Mainly due to a lack of interest.
Unfortunately, among the active staff, hardly anyone is interested in continuing the older projects. We have an abundance of staff doing little – nothing because there isn’t a series they want to do. As a result, we’re only going to do series we actually want to work on. That’s understandable, right?

The series going on Hiatus are ones we still have some interest in continuing but currently can’t due to a lack of a certain role for it (translators mainly). The Hiatus could be long-term or short-term. As soon as we have the role(s) for it, we’ll continue it right away.
Now on Hiatus: Devilchi, Next Life, HxEros and Oshioki X-Cute (Hiatus Extended).

The series being dropped are ones we have a general lack of interest in continuing.
There isn’t much more to say than that…
Now dropped: A Witch’s Printing Office and Hakoniwa Oukoku no Souzoushu-Sama.

No longer worried, right? Most of these barely had a following to begin with, but we were interested in them nonetheless. The other 5 series we’re uncertain in continuing is like the ones above – they’re rarely requested and haven’t been updated in many months. As of now, 6 projects are off the active list, and that number could increase to 11 depending on further discussion. So… What now? Well, we have 5 – 6 newish translators open for more projects (not sure how much each can do yet), and as said before, we have an abundance of staff in every role looking for series to do. We are going to prioritize the active projects, but we are looking to start new ones. I’m probably going to regret saying this; feel free to DM me (on Discord: Sir Champion#0527) suggestions of what we can start next!

Type: Manga (Not Manhwa or Manhua)
If Ongoing: Make sure to check if the previous group has dropped it before suggesting. We aren’t looking for trouble.
Licensed: Preferably not. (
Genre: Any. Preferably non-isekai.

I’ll read every DM but probably won’t respond to it.

I don’t believe the chapters I typesetted during the 24-hour period are release-quality worthy yet. I’ll fix ‘em up and release ‘em whenever I wake up tomorrow (there’s a lot).

Thank you for your understanding.
P.s Apologies for no releases. I didn’t have a PC to edit on because my PSU (Power Supply Unit) died.