It’s as the title says.

All existing download links no longer work, and the option to download from the reader has been removed due to server cost.

We pay by server usage which usually totals $30 – $60 monthly. However, 7 days into July and our bill is already exceeding $40. We’re not entirely certain on this, but we believe a drastic increase in downloads to be one of the reasons for the current bill cost. Summer vacation also bringing in a lot more views isn’t really helping our situation, but that’s not something we can exactly control. On the other hand, disabling downloads from the reader was an option we could do.

We’re sure this change doesn’t matter to most people, but it does effect some. Downloads were enabled due to many requests [mainly] from people traveling that tend to download chapters for their flight/journey. In light of this, from now on downloading will be done directly through our storage instead of the server/reader. While unfortunately, this does mean; 1) Storage will fill faster 2) Download speed will be slower 3) You can no longer download past chapters and 4) More work for me to do, It’s our only other alternative to keep downloading available.

There’s no way in hell I’m going through and fixing every download link on all 270+ chapters, so maybe once a month we’ll announce a day in which we allow downloading from the reader. This is a huge maybe. Probably won’t happen if we can’t get this server cost situation under control.

On a different note, I’ve received many questions regarding donating that I’d like to answer here. Patreon is currently our only method of accepting donations due to the safety of it. Paypal is susceptible to chargebacks that could really screw us (mainly me) over for multiple reasons, so we removed that form of donating. On the upside, Patreon removes all worries, is more consistent and safe. On the downside, apparently Patreon isn’t a valid option for some people due to payment methods (I’m not entirely sure on this).

Thank you to all that do adjust to Patreon’s payment methods as it keeps us afloat and operational.