It’s finally here!
Well… kinda?

I completed my goal of typesetting over 400 pages in two days! But the thing is, not all of the pages are entirely ready to release yet… Doing that many pages in the time given meant I had to skip the quality checking stage that I usually do (in/after typesetting). So, there was a change of plan. Instead of releasing everything at once, the batch will be split into separate parts. All in all I believe this to be the better option over releasing (technically) unfinished chapters.

Ah, before we get onto the chapters we need to clear up a misunderstanding. Some people interpreted, “It will [probably] be the last batch release we do until our next anniversary (November 21st),” as these chapters being the last ones we’ll ever release. No, this isn’t the case whatsoever. We will still be releasing chapters as normal after the batchathon is done. Just that we won’t be doing anymore batch releases until our next Anniversary (I’ll explain more in the next State of Scanlation post).
Don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere 🙂

Anyway, enjoy part 1 of the batchathon

World Teacher – Chapter 13 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here
Legend – Chapter 12 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here
Free Life – Chapter 2 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here
Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o – Chapter 5.2 – Read Online: Here | Download: Here
{Novel} She Was Both Called God, As Well As Satan – Chapter 11 – Read Online: Here