C7MLLg2VoAAMqHnVersion 2 In-progress

Due to a number of errors with the previous translation of this chapter, we’ve decided to take it down completely. We’re currently re-translating it with multiple experienced translators to make sure any of the errors present before aren’t repeated and is fixed.

If you’ve already read the previous version of this chapter 5, we ask that you re-read it again once the version 2 has been released – as it may or may not feel as though you’re reading an entirely different chapter.

Forgive us for this mistake. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again.




  1. This chapter’s translation is incorrect in important places, which affects the story.

    For example, the assassin explained to Melida that he uses the drug to shock her dormant mana to awakening, but on the next page, he explains that the method is actually mana transplant.

    On the next page, the translator mistook ่ก“ for ่ก—, which translate the page to nonsense. It actually explains that since it’s mana transplant, in the case that the method succeeds, the girl can’t become Paladin, only at most Samurai class like the assassin himself. It means that although she can use magic, she wouldn’t be accepted by lord Mordrew, who wants to prove to everyone that his daughter (the girl’s mother) did not commit adultery, by showing that his granddaughter is of the Knight Duchy’s blood. The girl is not of Knight Duchy’s blood, so the assassin would need to hide that fact, or he would become a target of assassination.


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