We’re back!! The website is finally done!! :’)
Setting up this site should’ve been a quick and easy task, especially with how ‘basic’ it is. But holy sh** was it far from that…  Anyway, we can finally release new chapters frequently again!!

I must give credit where credit is due.
Massive thanks to Gecko, for his work in re-coding the reader, trouble-shooting pretty much anything, as well as his work with Whaler2D in making the reader possible. Gecko and Whaler2D, thank you so much for all your work and effort!

For those wondering, we had to move site abruptly because our old site on weebly, ran out of remaining storage space. Once the storage is full, it replaces any larger files with the smallest files uploaded. This resulted in chapters having pages from mutliple series. It was a mess…
With not knowing how much storage space we have remaining and when chapters might corrupt, it was unfortunate that we reached the limit just as we were starting to release frequently (which probably had something to do with it…).
Troubles aside, we now have plenty of storage space on a server separate from the site, so thankfully we don’t have to deal with that ever again!

I’m still not entirely used to operating this site & reader, so if anyone finds any bugs, spelling mistakes or anything wrong, please let me know by messaging Sir Champion on Discord!

Speaking of Discord, we no longer have a site chat. So join hundreds of others in our Discord Server!! (click the Discord button on the right to join).

Yet again, welcome to the new site!!


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